About JAC in a Pod

Hello! Here's a little bit more about us.


JAC - Just Add Cake strives on the simple yet eye catching effectiveness of our original handmade cake toppers & the handy yet lovely qualities of our JAC baking kits.

'Wouldn't it be nice to get all you needed, good quality baking items & lovely, even sometimes personalised decorations all in one place?'

With an unhealthy obsession with pretty cupcake cases & a slight hatred for too much going on, on the top of a cupcake, (sorry buttercream, you're just not our cup of tea) the above thought ran through our mind on many occasion.

Cakes and bakes are a far more important thing than just ingredients, they celebrate birthdays, cheer up winter nights, are lovingly baked into a congratulatory message, hold sentimental value in passed down recipes & so much more.


Over time, we developed our very own original cake toppers, made with high quality & high food standard materials. We are always adding to our cake topper designs, many of which are customisable by you. A big part of what we do is providing a celebration or occasion with something completely personal and unique to add that little something extra special to the day. 

Along with this we searched for the best companies that could make what we couldn't, cupcake cases in lovely colours, designs & themes, the best all rounder icing nozzle worthy of becoming a kitchen staple & the classic edibles, for example the traditional silver edible pearls, firm favourites with children & adults alike.

With all the elements to make great baking kits found & our original cake toppers designed and made. These were put together to bring you the products we have here today.

Thank you for getting to know us better. Something to say or any questions, send us an email - hello@jacinapod.co.uk